boycott_mtv (boycott_mtv) wrote in phillyhotspot,

Fraud Alert

Hi, I'm a private citizen looking for one Timothy Merz, aka Scenekillers, aka Backandtotheleft, out of Fairless Hills, PA.

This person has, over the course of a year and under two eBay ID's, stolen approx. $1,600 from various buyers. He's been very rude and dishonest, and much of his business has been funded on stolen money. There's over 80 people looking for him, preparing for a class-action lawsuit. There's also investigation from federal authorities. It's likely that anyone who has collaborated with him or modeled for him will be implicated in his business, which has expanded to a felonious level.

Know that if you buy from this guy, your product may take as much as three months to arrive, or you may never get it at all. Know exactly what kind of dishonest kid you're dealing with. Any information on this person will be gratefully received. Thank you very much.
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